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Zoya Spivakovsky - The CEO

Ok... in my next messages and while we wait (maybe indefinately) for a SP2 i will try to find out who the hell are these folks using publicly available info!

Today i start with the leader and CEO: Zoya Spivarkovsky

For starters she is a casting director in Hollywood.
She chooses who gets the part and who doesnt in some not so well know productions.

Here she is: IMDB
More: American Movie in Russian

She is also a translator (?!?) -> CLICK

And she moves a lootttt from place to place:
LOL! 6 adresses in CA?

From the Airsimmer site:

Zoya Spivakovsky was born in Moscow, USSR.
She earned her undergraduate degree in English

I told you she didnt know anything about doing FS Addons. She is in this
because these folks need someone to put the money and a company to make it
more beliveable - OysterBay International, Inc?

at Columbia University and went on to pursue graduate
studies at the Moscow Graduate Director’s Program at
Moscow State Film School, where she studied under the
renowned Russian filmmakers Vladimir Motil and Oscar-winner
Vladimir Menshov. She has worked in both film and television
as a producer, production coordinator, script supervisor,
and post-production supervisor.

mmmm... in production..u mean CASTING... right?...
I dont know how much of this stuff is real, but as i didnt find
almost anything where Zoya was actually a supervisor, i must say
that this little text is highly overrated about Mrs.Zoya curriculum
as everything in Airsimmer...OF COURSE!..lol

In 2003, Ms. Spivakovsky launched Oyster Bay Media International,
a Los-Angeles-based company dedicated to developing
and producing high-quality entertainment products.

So i guess this all endeavor has 7 years!!!!
They probably started on C++!!...lolol...for it to be taking so long!

If you want to find out more about Zoya's company and maybe pay them a visit to see what are the (new) developments:
About OysterBay International

Also i find this part very amusing about the company profile:

Oyster Bay Media International, Inc is a private company categorized under Computer Services and located in West Hollywood, CA. Our records show it was established in 2003 and incorporated in California. Current estimates show this company has an annual revenue of $110,000 and employs a staff of approximately 1.

Are u fuckin serious????

annual revenue of $110.000 ????? 1 employee = Zoya ?...

This must be a joke! :D

Ms. Spivakovsky is in charge of all of the financial,
administrative and legal aspects of the AirSimmer Project.

For sure... and also in charge of the lousy communication and raising expectations/promoting an unfinished thing!

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